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24 May 2010

How to Prune Lavender and Lavender Recipes

Can't wait to harvest Lavender from my gardens.
  With all the flowers blooming early this year I should
 be able to cut them 2-3 times.
I will  put them in bundles and wrap the stem ends with a rubberband
and hang them upside down to dry.  I have hammered nails into the backside
of the cornice above my kitchen sink as they are soooooo pretty and fragrant as they dry.....I want them within sight and smell to me!
 I will use the cuttings for Lavender shortbread, put them in vases for Lavender bouquets, and for different uses in all types of creations.
  I found this video on You Tube showing how to prune Lavender
 I do this type of pruning in early Spring to shape my plants and prune them in a mound shape rather than straight across as this video shows. 
This pruning keeps the Lavender in a very attractive shape.
Previously I posted some wonderful
Lavender recipes.  (<-<-<-<-<-<-Click to view)
 Have you ever tried Lavender for culinary purposes? 
 It is a must try and I LOVE it! 
 The Lavender shortbread is a favorite of mine.
 I'll be baking some Lavender cookies with my first harvest.
 What will you do with yours?


  1. Oooh! I just love lavender! It is my very favorite fragrance! You are so lucky to have a bunch of it. Unfortunately, I don't always have alot of luck with it wintering over here in Michigan (zone 5), but I was happy to see that the one lavender plant that I planted last year made it! Yeah! What is your favorite variety to grow? do you do anything special to them before winter, like cover them?

  2. What a lovely surprise! You are so talented and you blog is full of wonderful information. You count me as a new follower!


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