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18 May 2010

Flowers and Finds

Oh I so LOVE Spring and our weather here in central Indiana has been superb for the flowers.  Everything is blooming about three weeks earlier than normal.
 Peonies have been blooming for a week or so and I have been enjoying their fragrant blooms in bouquets in the house.
 This one is on my kitchen window sill and I can't keep my nose out of it!
 Don't you just love their sweet smell? 
 I can't get enough of it.
 I got the biggest golden Lantana last weekend for $6.00..........a steal! 
 Too bad Lantana is an anual in my zone. 
 I trimmed it back when I potted it up for the garden and
 stuck the trimmings in this blue Ball jar. 
 Pretty together, don't you think?
Some of my recent FINDS include this vintage faux animal skin round suitcase.
 (Not sure what type of faux animal skin though.)
  I will use it for storage in my craft room.
The inside is a tweed print.  I scored this at a yard sale for $1.50.
 It made my day!!!
Here's a close-up of the maker's tag. 
 Not been able to find much about it on the internet yet.
This fancy dancy birdcage is a Goodwill find.
  It found a new home on the vintage column I have
 stainding in the corner of my front porch.
Another Goodwill find is this silverplate stand that is beautiously ornate and it came with the glass frog insert. 
I added the glass dome that I've had around for awhile and stuck in a dried pink rose. More Prettiness!
Sorry for these flash pictures......too dreary of a day today for natural light.
LOVE the pattern on this old china.  Another yard sale find.....actually the same sale that the cute round suitcase was found.
Sorry sweet Grayson Boy..................
............No cat food to be had out of this bowl.

I also found these scales..................
A leapard print hat (yard sale) and this pretty French pic.


  1. Oooh, love the hat! that would look great with the suitcase! Great finds!! My peonies decided not to bloom this year. I guess I better find a good spot away from trees for them.

  2. scored some great stuff! Lucky you.

  3. I really do like your style and your products. Enjoyed going through your blog.

  4. What great finds! You have great taste and I adore your site....Mandy those sunflowers! I am in Kansas!

    Art by Karena

  5. Well didn't you have fun little miss! Great finds for sure! I wish I knew more about planting herbs, my area and used a bigger variety. I always seem to use basil, chives, cilantro, oregano and parsely. My daughter in law is Cambodian and she uses all kinds of unusual herbs. I have to try to find Thai Basil to have on hand for her. She uses Lemon Grass too. Stop and visit me some time at jennsthreegraces Jennifer I'll be bey again!

  6. You got some really cute stuff!!!

  7. Wowsy is right! What great finds. I think that's supposed to be alligator on the suitcase - although it could be crocodile!!
    Your scales are very fun, too, and look like they still work. What a lucky weekend you had!
    Drop by for a visit sometime!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  8. I love the platters you found!! They are so sweet!

  9. I love your new birdhouse! Hard to believe anyone would want to get rid of it! thanks alot for the info on growing lavender! I will be sure to look for that variety!


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