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10 November 2007

Future Projects

I love to find a great deal on items that will become a project for me. Here are two items recently acquired for a whopping $3 total.

The old window was found at a booth at a Herb Festival in Wabash Indiana this summer. Two of my good friends also bought an old window to see what ideas we could come up with to decorate them. Maybe I will attach a window box (like the picture behind my blog title) or maybe I will insert a mirror in the two larger panels. All the glass was intact until we pulled the window from the car trunk and set it against the garage. It was just my luck that a big gust of wind would come along and blow the window over in my concrete driveway!!!!! So out came the broom and dust pan and we played clean up the broken glass. Now the window is resting against the banister in the guest room until I am ready to complete it. The glass in the smaller sections is still there thank goodness.
The wicker table was a FREE find. Driving down my alley, headed to work, I saw it in my neighbors trash. I called my husband, who was off work for the day, and asked him to go retrieve it for me. Being the honest type that he is, he knocked on the neighbors door and asked if he could take it. Their answer? "Why on earth would you want it? It needs painted and the top is not level!!!" So since that was the same as a "yes" the table was in our garage when I got home from work!!!!! I think I will just repaint it white and it will be a cute addition to the white wicker furniture on my front porch. That project won't get done until next spring or summer though.

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