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28 November 2007

Vintage Finds

Hubby & I headed out to the Portland Indiana Antique Mall last Saturday. On the way, he wanted to stop at a sale featuring carharts (definitely a man thing!). It was in a guy's barn and when we were pulling up I saw an old bed headboard in one of his other barns. I said to hubby, "Look at that old bed. Wouldn't that be neat to have?"

SO, hubby looks at men stuff and I am kinda sorta helping while all I can think about is how am I going to get myself into that other barn to look at that bed. Then it happens, the carhart seller guy says, "Now if you are looking for boots they are in the other barn." "Why, yes! Don't you need boots too honey?," I said.

Off to the barn we went. He looked at boots, I looked at the bed. The seller guy told me he was cleaning out an old house and that bed was destined for his next bonfire but if I wanted it he would GIVE it to me. YEEEEESSSSSS! I would be happy to rescue it from the fire and he was happy that I was happy because he said he would rather someone get some use of it.

The bed is now safely stashed in our garage waiting to be painted up. The back of the headboard says it is made of recent pecan. The guy said he bought it in the 70's so now it is vintage pecan to me!!!!!! Can't take any decent pix since it is under hubby's boat. I promise to share though when I can.

Now on to the antique mall. Here are the finds for the day. Oh.... did I mention the antique mall was having a Thanksgiving weekend 50% off sale? It was a jackpot of a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book from 1939 if full of 'plates' of famous artist's paintings. I especially love the impressionist painters and am not sure if I will keep the book intact or remove some of the 'plates' and frame them.

One of my favorite paintings in the book........a Renoir

More of our finds........some really cool old bottles, a silver cake stand (waiting to be polished), and a big flask that hubby picked out.I really love this old jar with the crown on it.A blurry pic of the top of the crown jar. SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!A beauteous book by Carolyn Roehm....not an antique of course and a great deal at 50% off!!!

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  1. Hi Mandy!
    Enjoyed your blog so much ~ I want to go antiquing with you!! :) The art book looks like a real treasure! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I've added you to my favorite sites and I'll check back often to see what other fun goodies you've found!
    Blissfully, Bebe :)


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