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01 December 2007

Destination PARIS!!!!!!!!

Stopped by a flea market in Muncie today after leaving work. I found some treasures for an idea I am putting together to make money for...........................destination PARIS!!!!!! A girl trip is in the making for Paris in 2009. I am soooo excited as it is a dream of mine to go there and we have finally narrowed it down to the year 2009. That is the closest we have ever been as we talk about it all the time. SO, be on the lookout for some beauteous surprises to appear on ebay in the very near future. You will be among the first to know. Here is what I found today at the flea market.........all to be used to make the beauteous somethings afore mentioned.


  1. Hi Mandy!

    You got some pretty cool things!! Wow, a trip to Paris, my biggest fantasy, and you picked a date, maybe that's what i need to do!! You have inspired me!


  2. Mandy, loooooove the crown jar from Canada. You've got faboo taste; thanks for visiting my blog and thus allowing me to discover yours!!!

    Paris will be a blast! How many gals are going?



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