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12 December 2007

Been Shopping Again

Monday on my lunch hour I stopped by Goodwill in Muncie. It was half-off day on anything with black tags which included the hand-painted goblets and the heavy white glass shaker jar. I got a set of seven of the goblets!!!!!! When I first saw them they were a set of eight . I went to go get a cart and went back to get them and a lady was looking at them and said 'Aren't these pretty"? And as I was grabbing them up I said "Yes!" Lady got one and I got the other seven!!!!
Also found this awful brass chandelier for $3.99. It will end up painted and will look really cute in the spare room upstairs. Right now the light in that room is a hanging light bulb so the chandelier will really be an improvement!!!! (Sorry the pic is dark. The flash would not go off even when I covered the whatyamacallit on the camera to try to make the flash go off!!)

Last Saturday my friend Liz and I went to Portland, Indiana to go to the antique mall. I needed to see the other half of the mall that hubby and I missed the first time we went. Found an old shaving mirror, some more old bottles, 2 silver chargers, and silver candlestick holders. I am getting quite a feel for the vintage items I like and don't like. I only want to buy and sell the items that I really love. Since yard sale season is several months away in this part of the country, it will be flea markets, auctions, and antique malls until then...................auctions though are truly the best way to find the deals!!!!!!!

This morning I polished up the silver pieces I have collected so far and wow do they shine!!!!
This pic is before polishing and also before I cleaned the shaving mirror. .............................

Just got up to go take a pic of the 'after' of the polished silver and remembered I already packed them up and carried them upstairs.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and come back soon!!! Also, I get really excited when a comment is left by a visitor so let me know what ya think!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh what goodies you have found!!! I love everything you bought & that chandelier will take on a whole new life painted! Thanks for visiting my blog~I am off to read more on your lovely Blog! :) chris


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