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21 December 2007

Last Sunday's Auction Finds

Here's all the loot from last Sunday's auction. The first time a friend took me I said, "This is not a safe place for me to be!" He thought it was funny at the time but it has turned out to be true! I can't stop myself at this point. The good thing is I can have a sale in the Spring (hopefully!) and make some moula for DESTINATION PARIS.

Above you can see the latest treasures with Grayson posing behind a picture easel and looks like he has a mustache on!!!!! Tee-hee......... he is so hilarious without even trying.

The treasures are a wrought iron plant stand, 4 quilts, some silverplate (pitcher, a couple serving plates, and a couple trays), the picture easel, a little stool, and a pair of lamps with bees on them. The lamps I will keep for the spare room upstairs I plan to redo into another guest room/studio-craft room for me. After finding the lamps I have already named this room the B HIVE. I have used a bee stamp for a while as 'my stamp' which is almost identical to the bees on the lamps so how perfect is that?!?! Even the BLOOM~N~Bottles I recently listed on have my bee stamp on the label. I did not especially want the black metal chair but the lamp cords were wrapped around it so the auctioneer said it all came together. I will most likely paint the stool, easel, plant stand, and also the metal chair with something herby as it would look cute painted up in the garden.

Here are some of the gift bags I decorated for the office gift exchange. I wanted a very inexpensive way to wrap so I went to a party supply store and bought the brown insulated bags for eight cents a piece. Then raided my button box and used craft paint for the final touches. Folded the tops over and punched 2 holes and threaded with raffia and tied it all up. Very quick, easy, cheap, and cute!

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  1. Hi Mandy!

    Looks like you found some goodies ~ those quilts are lovely (especially that pink one!). I love what you've done with the gift bags! The snowmen with the buttons are a great idea!!

    Hope you and your family have a delightful Christmas and a blessed blogging New Year!! :)

    Bebe :)


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