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25 December 2007

Just chillin

The Christmas rush is over and I am just chillin tonight. Sliced myself a big chunk of rum cake (Thanks Liz!) and made a cup of chai latte. Have been perusing many blogs and getting some craft ideas for project Destination Paris. Now that Christmas is over I will be getting busy on that...................after New Years weekend. Five couples are headed to French Lick Indiana to a log cabin in the woods. We will have so much fun and laughter. Hubby and I are on for the snacks duty so I will be preparing various finger foods the next several days.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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  1. Mandy,
    who are you going to French Lick with?
    sound slike fun.
    hope your Christmas was a Merry one, we were in HC for the day.
    Happy New year,



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