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05 December 2007

Awesome Auction

This past Sunday was rainy and dreary. Could have layed around all day or go to an estate auction. Hubby and a buddy and I decided to head out to the auction and it was a real good thing we decided to drive his SUV. We bid and won and bid and won again and again and again. Ended up spending a whopping $28 dollars and got ........................

3 big mirrors to hang in the bedroom once I get it redecorated. I have other mirrors I am gathering as well and will paint all the mirror frames to match once I decide on colors etc......
Mirrors in the bedroom are a very bad thing according to feng shui so I guess I won't worry about using the feng shui principles for that project!!!

LOOOOVE this really old picture frame!! It may end up in the bedroom too. It is big. Check out the detail in the close-up pic .

Here is a silver plate, a silver serving dish with a pyrex dish inside, old kitchen ware, and old books. One of the books is a 1898 Shakespeares Macbeth with a very nasty looking cover. The pages, however, will add a charming touch to the project I am coming up with for my Paris trip fundraiser. More to come on that in the very near future!

Hubby wanted this round wood table with the lions head details. It is really cute and I love that he is starting to get an interest in my vintage treasure hunts!!!!

Last is this vintage bedspread. I really like the flowers and flowerpots design. This may be a keeper or may end up being sold. Haven't decided yet. Could not pass it up though.

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  1. Hi Mandy!
    Love your vintage finds ~ those frames are gorgeous and that table is wonderful w/the lion pull! You find the best treasures out there! I always like to look and see what you've found on the antiquing trail.

    You can come over when the lettuce gets bigger and we'll have a tea party (well, a salad party! :), anyway!

    I just saw that beautiful picture of your garden at the bottom of the blog. (it was the first time it had loaded~my computer is cranky sometimes). Pure beautiful flower bliss!! So nice to see in winter!! Take care and stay warm!
    Bebe :)


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