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18 March 2010


Here is the box I covered with pages from the book 'Lessons in English Grammer,' Indiana State Series.  This book is from 1893 and the patina of the paper is such an awesome color.  I posted about my inspiration here.

I'm pretty happy about how this pretty little box turned out and plan to use it for 'stuff' on my dresser.  You know the stuff that just accumulates? will look so much better tucked away in this box. 
 It was a box that greeting cards came in and I saved to 'do something with' one day. 
I love the sentences they used back then.....

I've also finished several bookmarks with those Grammer book pages. 
 I plan to get them listed in my Etsy shop soon.
They are trimmed with vintage lace and also pressed flowers from my garden.
Bookmarks and a pretty've been alot of fun to make!