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13 March 2010

How to Date Your Ball Jars.......

and I don't mean taking them out to dinner and a movie. Seriously now, I was wondering how old some of the many Ball jars I have are. So......I grabbed one off the shelf and started hunting for information.
There are so many more jars on my basement shelves so I grabbed just one to find out it's age.
We also used to sale lots and lots of extra Ball jars in our yard sales. There are several collectors in the area that would come by and scoop them up.
Guess our prices were right!......for the collectors.
Now I'm wondering how many rare jars we sold??!!
I found this website. The main site is Ball Jars Collectors. This website is loaded with information and links to learn more about your Ball Jars.

The way the name is embossed in the jar is crucial to dating them.

I was thrilled to discover the jar I grabbed is scarce due to the offset of the 'Ball Perfect Mason.' My jar is circa 1915.

Still can't find it's value anywhere so I'm still looking for that piece of information. Make sure to visit the Ball jars collector website and learn more about these popular antique and vintage jars.

All information included here is from The Ball Jars Collector website.


  1. Oh I wish I had this info at the last yard sale, they had quite a few different jars. I will certainly know next time.
    Thank you for the info.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    I'm so glad you visited my blog & thanks for all of the information on my Ball jars! I love your blog so I am now a follower and put you on my list.
    :o) Sue

  3. I'll have to check a few of my blue jars to see how old they are. Good info!


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