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07 March 2010

Ball Jars

In my basement there are shelves and shelves of Ball Jars.....
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

(Hubby and I bought their estate in 1993. The house has been in the family now for over 65 years.)

Grandpa gardened and Grandma canned all the wonderful veggies she could. I've never noticed the headline on the newspaper lining the basement shelves until I took this pic.

Can you read it?

Hint: the newspaper is dated 11/23/1963.

Since I work in Muncie, Indiana, I am close to all things Ball.....Ball jars, Ball State University, etc. Everyone loves Ball jars and they have so many uses ..............not just for canning anymore.

The five Ball Brothers.

The original Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company.

Both sides of the historical marker for Ball Brothers Glass.

This home is where one of the Ball brothers lived.
The above Ball home burned down in the 1960's. The front columns were saved and stand on the original property.....which is now Minnitrista Cultural Center.
Another Ball brother lived in this beauteous home.I love this balcony and columns.
This home, Oakhurst, was another Ball residence. This is the only Ball home that I've had the pleasure to tour. It even has a secret room! Elisabeth Ball was an avid gardener and the beautiful Oakhurst Gardens are well kept by volunteers. This is a must-see if you ever get to Muncie. Elisabeth Ball loved faeries and had lots of garden tea parties.
I'm sure we would have been the best of friends but I was born too late.
Next to date your Ball jars.


  1. Lucky you to be living in your own historical home with all its memories. The Ball mansions must be glorious to see! Thanks for sharing some history of Ball jars. ♥♪

  2. I never knew all of that history behind the Ball jars. I really like those jars with the hinged tops on them, I wish they still made them "cheap"!!!


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