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06 May 2009

Another Auction Score

Hubby and I had not been to the Sunday auction for a while and decided to check it out this weekend. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I really wanted to work in the gardens, however, I know he is about to die of boredom as he is layed off from his job so I caved and went with him.
I'm sooooooooooo glad I did. I saw this box and spotted something pink under the carhart hat and the childrens wall hanger. SO I dug deeper in the box and look what was there..................Large vintage prints of art
A very old book.....Stories of the Bible.
The first few pages are missing so I am unable to find a print date.
Another very vintage print
A pristine poster advertisement for the City Market in Indianapolis
More vintage prints and postcards.
The postcards actually match the larger art prints in the picture above.
Oh yeah, and guess what was hidden underneath that hat and hanger?

Can you believe your eyes? Look at these vintage linens!!!!

Two pink tablecloths, an unopened box of 4 pink and white hand towels, a white embroidered linen tablecloth, 3 smaller lace and linen doilies and 'His' & 'Hers' hand towels.

What a score!!!!!

Would you believe all this for $5?!?!?!

Thanks hubby for making me go

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  1. i'm officially jealous!!! great finds. an absolute score!!


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