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20 May 2009

The Color Purple

Purple flowers are what's blooming here at Calendula Court so I wanted to share them with you.
Iris and chives which look like blue and pink in the pic but they are really purple.

The False Blue Indigo is ready to burst with color and more irises.

I'm thinking of making some chive blossom vinegar. It always turns out to be the loveliest shade of pink and looks so pretty in the bottles.

More iris and allium.

I go for the romantic color scheme in the garden and use mostly purple and pinks with splashes of white and a little yellow. Those orange poppies in the background were a gift and they are the only bloomin orange in the garden! I've planted pink poppy seeds several years in a row now but they always come up orange!

I so love this time of year!


  1. Mandy the flowers are beautiful, makes me want to come right over. we had snow 2 days ago. Our flowers are nowhere ready to bloom, hopefully I can get into the garden soon. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

  2. Hello Mandy. I love your blog. Wonderful Photos!!

  3. Mandy, besides all the many shades of green, I love, purple, blue, pink, white and yellow flowers in my garden and in the containers...........your flowers are amazing.


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