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25 May 2009

My Front Door

When you come to visit you will be greeted by this beautiful front door.
I believe it to be the original door from this house built in 1900.
I love the window panes with the wood trim.

When I yell, "Come on in...the door is open" you'll reach for this lovely ornate door knob surrounded by the prettiest metal backplate.I'm glad the wood door has never been painted. I'm not sure what type of metal the knob and backplate are and can't even tell if it was ever painted or has just aged to this beauteous patina.
How perfect it is that there is even a flower on this backplate.

Does anyone still use a skeleton key?

We do!

I'm feeling some Front Door Love!


  1. Oh you are so lucky to have that front door. Beautiful, and yes thank gooddness nobody painted it.My dream house would have your front door... Love your blog, thats why I keep coming by. Take care.

  2. I'm a great lover of beautiful doors....especially old ones with gorgeous hardware such as your's.

    Keys are great too......after my mum died and the house was eventually sold, I kept one to my childhood home in England!

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