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03 May 2009


Yesterday it was girls day out as three of my good friends and I went to Indianapolis to
The Orchard and Bloom Garden Show. This year for the first time they featured Parties In Bloom that showcased four themed party vignettes designed with a table, seating, linens and tabletop features.
After checking them all out you voted for your favorite.
This had a too much black for my tastes......just love the hot pink roses though. Love the color scheme here...white, black and yellow........kinda retro modern
LOVE this one..................very chic elegant
LOVE the pearls on the chairs, and the square plates, and the dreamy layers of fabric

This is the one I voted for.

Wouldn't it be awesome to go out your back door and find this beauteous table waiting for you!


  1. Hi Mandy ~ what a wonderful way to spend the day. I love those tablescapes...totally gorgeous! ~Stacy~

  2. Hi, it would have been a fun day. I did not care for the black either. all of the rest were bangon. Any would be great in my

  3. Yes, I love all the pearls and square plates.

  4. oh wow I would have voted for the last one too. I just love that "ghost" chair and intend to have one of my own one day!!


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