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29 January 2008

Book Club

I am going to sound like an advertisement here but don't you just love joining a book club? I recently re-joined one and got all these books for a total of $16 bucks. That is for five books and!!!!! All I have to do is buy 2 more books in the next 2 years and believe me, that won't be difficult at all. I totally love decorating and gardening books. I am not at all the type to read a novel or gushy love story.....just give me a decorating or gardening book and I can get lost in the beauteous pictures for hours and I love getting new ideas for Calendula Court home and gardens.

The book delivery came Saturday and I have already read 'The French-Inspired Home' from cover to cover. Loved it!!!!! Right now I have moved on to 'Vintage Vavoom.' This book has shown up on a lot of the blogs I read and now I know why. It is awesome!!!!!!!Then I plan to check out Nell Hill's 'Feather Your Nest.' I am a huge fan of Nell Hill and love the ways she decorates with old and new things mixed together. She just oozes charm!


Had an hour and a half lunch break to kill the other day so I went to two vintage flea market type stores in Muncie. Found all these treasures at one of them. I just love the big vintage tablecloth and is was only $5 bucks. The rose plate will either hold some candles or may get broken for a mosaic project I am saving plates for and the cute valance curtains will go in the B Hive (my craft/project room) eventually. First I must do some wall repair and painting so it will be a long time till eventually happens. Maybe later this summer as the master bedroom is first on the list.


  1. Hi Mandy!

    Wow! All those books for $16!!! What is that book club??? :) You'll have to let me know on that!

    Just wanted to let you know that you have been TAGGED to tell 7 things about yourself. Come on over to my blog to get all the details!

    Smiles...Bebe :)

  2. These are all great books - and a bargain. I just bought Vintage Vavoom (love it) but still paid $22 - with a Borders discount - just for the one book!!!


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