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09 January 2008

Got silver

I am getting so fond of vintage silver. Never really had any before I started blogging and seeing all the beauteous silver in pics of other peoples homes and decor. This weekend I was perusing ebay and was the only bidder on a vintage hotel silver finger bowl from The Waldorf Astoria in NYC. There was only 2 minutes left on the auction so I bid the $2.99 minimum and won!!!!!
I just got it and loooooove it!!!

I am so curious as to just whose fingers were in this finger bowl. What were they eating that they had to use a finger bowl, etc. Was it Marilyn Monroe eating peel and eat shrimp? Was it a past president eating sticky buns for breakfast in the presidential suite?
The bottom of the bowl is engraved with The Waldorf Astoria so I know this to be a true piece and am so glad to now own it


  1. You too? I'll have a lot at the Big Flea this weekend! A few months ago, I was at a killer annual sale, and bought 10 silver trays for $2 apiece, as well as some other stuff. I think I just might need to blog about it! It's so weird that sometimes you're into it and just gotta have it!

  2. Mandy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for the giveaway, I will be back t visit you after I do the grocery shopping>


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