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06 January 2008

Not Much Going On

Not much going on around auction today, no flea markets so no new treasures to share. I did finally get the old window hung in the kitchen. I posted back in November that I wasn't sure what I would do with it. I like it just hanging out on the wall so it will stay there for awhile. I also want to share some vintage jewelry I have aquired recently. I found the "M" (for Mandy)necklace at a flea market last month for only $3.00. I have worn it to death since! The pink wreath pin was found in a vintage shop in Upland for $1.00 and the glasses pin was given to me by my Aunt Chyrell during one of our Wednesday lunches. She had been going through her jewelry and thought of me since I work in Optometry and I really love it!! (The pin that is....Ok also my job)Yesterday I tea-dyed some white lace I had so I can decorate some more BLOOM~N~Bottles. Have you checked them out? I listed some on Etsy and am waiting on the first sale. What do you think of them? Would you buy one? Is it the price? The seed selection? Would love some comments on them.

Today I plan to work on the upstairs of this old house. There are just two bedrooms up there. One is a guest room and the other is currently a junk/storage room that I want to redo and organize into my studio, the B Hive (yes, I've already named my studio). It is a major project that I perpetually procrastinate as I don't know where to move the decluttered stuff to. Maybe I will free-cycle some, craigs-list some is going to take awhile regardless. I will take pics throughout this ordeal so the little progress at a time will help motivate me.

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  1. I just love old windows, I have a pretty blue one above my bed. I need to find more, I want to hang them all over the house. Love your vintage jewelry finds, the little glasses are too cute.
    I just found your blog tonight and wanted to stop by and say hello.


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