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26 January 2008

Frenchy Chair

Finally got one of the many projects done. This chair was aquired free (one of my fav words!) from my Dad who got it free from a neighbor's estate. Since it was manwood, I decided to paint it black and then I found this beauteous french script fabric for the seat. I think it turned out really cute!!


I plan to sell it at my booth in an upcoming flea market on Feb. 2. I don't have high hopes for the flea market as it is in my very small town and I may be the only one there with vintage decor amongst men with tools and farm implements! We will see. Maybe I can make a buck or two for 'Destination Paris.' I will keep you posted on that.

First coat of primer

Finished Project

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  1. Love it - would be perfect for my guest room makeover a al style Francais! Love ANYTHING with writing.

    Did it sell or were tractor seats more popular???? Ha!ha!


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