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13 January 2008

First of all I want to share a blog that is having a give-away! For me having a mention of it on my blog I get an additional entry so please go to visit Housepeepers and mention you saw it here. I really need to win as I have been wanting the prize, the book, Vintage Vavoom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Moving on.............after getting The Waldorf Astoria silver finger bowl, I have been reminiscing about the sweet trip this past May to NYC. Here are some pics I took while hanging out at The Waldorf with my cousin Vickie. We just sat in the lobby for awhile hoping to see someone really famous or important. (Never happened)

The lobby was really cool art deco. To bad this pic is kinda dark

This is the 'Lady's Room' at The Waldorf. Couldn't resist taking a pic.


Another highlight of the trip was finding this vintage chandelier at the Chelsea Flea Market. It came from an estate on Long Island. Had it shipped back home and it is still in the box waiting to be hung in my bedroom. Hopefully in the next few months I will have a pic of the redone bedroom complete with chandelier!!!!


Tavern on the Green in Central Park

One day we had lunch at Tavern on the Green. It is awesomely beauteous as the pics here will show. The above mirror was in one of the several dining rooms. Only a couple of the rooms were open to diners but I had to see it all and found myself opening closed doors and having a look.
The ceiling looks like a wedding cake.
We lunched in the courtyard. This is my Mother on the right and my Auntie B on the left.
Tiffany cut glass lamps.

The cozy bar upstairs.

This must be a private party room. Let's party!!!!!

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  1. What great pictures of NYC. The crystal chandelier is gorgeous. Enjoyed visiting your blog.


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