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27 February 2008

Herb of the Year 2008

Sleep, work at home, work at work, eat.........over and over again. Seem to have the winter blahs..................especially after reading blogs where they are out working in their gardens doing the Spring clean-up stuff. Have I mentioned before how I love Spring clean-up thyme in the garden? I love finding the green beginnings of a new gardening season below the brown of the previous year. Such promise that there is always something positive to look forward to.

I also totally love to weed! LOOOOOOVE it! I could even be a professional weeder. Sometimes I have to stop the urge I get when I go by a house with a weedy garden as I want to stop the car and pull those pesky things!
I recently found out that Calendula is the herb of the year for 2008. There are several reasons I love Calendula;
1. It is the flower of the month of October which is my birth month. That is how Calendula Court was so named.
2. It easily reseeds in the garden and is a deterrent for bugs
3. The yellow petals are delicious in salads and look really pretty. (Yes, you may be served flowers if you come to my house!)
4. If I scrap a finger or get stuck by a rose thorn while working outside, I pull a Calendula flower, put it on the 'boo-boo' and it heals so fast that the next day it is gone. If you ever see any lotions or skin treatments with Calendula, it is the best stuff around.

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