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06 February 2008

Sugar Scuttle

After several comments on what this is, and researching each and every one, I have learned it is a sugar scuttle. The sole original purpose was for sugar. The scuttle name comes from the scoop used to remove the sugar from the cup. It is designed after a coal scuttle. The sugar scuttle I have came with a small ladle and not a scoop. Every one of these that I found on the internet had a scoop so I don't know what the difference of having a ladle is. At least the mystery is solved for me now. Thanks for those leaving comments on it as that lead to the answer! You guys rock!


Tuesday's lunch breaks have turned in to Goodwill Tuesday's for me. Yesterday's finds were a couple of cook books, a wooden stand that I will be adding to the 'paint it' pile and a small white glass jar. Also I got several boxes of vintage Christmas ornamanets with a pearly white finish and plan to make a wreath with them.

I have done some more BLOOM~N~Bottles and just need to get the seeds in them before listing on Etsy. I need to go out in the garden and collect some more seeds............ if the rain would ever stop. The seeds will need to dry out for awhile so as I think of it maybe I will be out in the rain today!

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  1. I like the new look! Glad to hear you're stepping up!!!



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