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06 February 2008

New Look................Again

As I find more and more beauteous blogs out there I decided I needed to personalize my header background. I walked through the house and grabbed a few things that are so 'me' and voila.......a new look is born. Way prettier than the other pic I had I think. Since my middle name is DAWN, the old music with Dawn in the title fits perfectly. Too bad I don't own Barry Manilow's 'Mandy' music! The lavender is dried from my garden and of course I totally love vintage rhinestones and pearls. The QUEEN BEE top is a My Flat in London find from e-bay. I had to have it as around my house Hubby better think of me as THE Queen Bee!!!!!! Also had to have something French so I put in a pad of paper that the sweetest Deb at work got for me as all I talk about is going to Paris next year.

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