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13 February 2008

A Reader's Question

Lisa B., I was unable to locate your e-mail address to answer your question so I will answer it in a post and share with everyone. Here is Lisa's question.............................I've been enjoying reading your blog. I've used the estate sale site to find sales in my area to go to...I didn't know they had an on-line sale feature. I would love to be able to do that but I don't see any. Can you tell me how you did that and/or how many are offering on-line sales? Thanks,Lisa B.

The closest area to me that I could subscribe to is the Cincinnati area and I received an e-mail from that was about a sale in Ohio being put on by a company called Everything But the House. This particular company has an on-line sale feature and I looked through several of their upcoming sales and bid on a couple items. I ended up winning the items and they sent me a message on where to go pick them up!!!!! Oops I thought, what have I done now......... I then saw where they would ship the items at my request. Since the items are small, shipping is done by them but if the items are big (furniture etc.) the buyer must arrange for shipping directly from the estate sale location. Hope this answers your question!!!! Happy estate shopping!!

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  1. It does answer my question, Mandy. Thanks so much. I will get on there and subscribe and see what I get. Thanks so much for the info. I actually tried to e-mail you, rather than "comment", but the e-mail link on your site didn't work for me. Probably me! I'm computer challanged!! Thanks again. Your in my favs. Lisa B.


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